Our Eagles vs. Chiefs predictions for Week 4


The Eagles (1-2) are hosting Andy Reid and the Chiefs (1-2) at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (2-1)

I always go back and forth when I put together my weekly Eagles prediction. “They’re definitely going to win” turns into “They have no shot” and I keep going back and forth over and over until Dave Zangaro finally tells me I have to send him my prediction NOW. There was no back and forth this week. Just forth. I don’t think the Chiefs are unbeatable only because I don’t think anybody’s ever unbeatable. But after watching that Dallas debacle I can’t find a way the Eagles can beat the Chiefs on a short week Sunday at the Linc. I do think they can score some points against a Chiefs team that’s allowing 32 points per game. I just don’t know how they’re going to stop the K.C. offense. If the defense plays better, the offense plays better and Nick Sirianni coaches better, they can keep it close.

Chiefs 35, Eagles 24

Dave Zangaro (2-1)

I just can’t see a win here. No matter how much I squint a win for the Eagles just never comes into focus. It’s almost comical that both teams come into this weekend with a 1-2 record because that’s about where the similarities end. Last week, Nick Sirianni thought he needed to keep pace with the Cowboys’ offense. What the heck is the plan this week as Pat Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce come to the Linc? Whatever it is, even if it’s great, it’s hard to imagine the Eagles’ being able to keep pace or really slowing down this potent Chiefs offense.


Maybe the Eagles have an outside chance to keep this game close but I don’t see it. I think the Chiefs win and I think they cover.

Chiefs 33, Eagles 23

Ray Didinger (2-1)

When the NFL schedule came out, I think even the most die hard Eagles fans put this game down as a loss. I mean, the Chiefs are a Super Bowl team and the Eagles are, well, the Eagles.

But now with the Chiefs coming to town off two straight losses and needing a win big time -- did you realize the Chiefs are currently in last place in the AFC West? -- this looks like even more of a mismatch.

The Chiefs’ run defense has been a major problem for Andy Reid -- it ranks 31st in the NFL -- which suggests the Eagles should lean on Miles Sanders and the running game Sunday but how likely is that? We all saw what went down on Monday night.

After watching Dallas tight end Dalton Schultz torch the Eagles linebackers (two touchdowns), I can only imagine what Travis Kelce will do to them this week. The Chiefs could name the score in this one but I'll say...

Chiefs 35, Eagles 21

Barrett Brooks (2-1)

On paper, I think the Birds can compete with any team in the league. Their starters are competitive. But as this season rolls on, injuries are starting to take their toll. The 0-line has 3/5ths of the starters out, and the D-line is trying to replace Brandon Graham's run-pass stopping prowess. BG had a major part in backside pursuit on run plays and setting the edge in front side run plays.

With the trenches losing those starters, it also lost leadership on the field. The presence from those leaders would help stop the undisciplined play. Undisciplined teams are usually bad teams, and that's the direction the Eagles are going right now. Too many penalties and undisciplined play can ruin a team's culture. Until my Birds stop the bleeding and get that straight, we could be in for a repeat of last year's season.

Chiefs 31, Eagles 21

Mike Mulhern (2-1)

It’s hard to believe both teams are 1-2 on the season considering the relative level of concern around them. While the Chiefs defense has been a sieve through three weeks, they have the ultimate equalizer in Patrick Mahomes and his all-world weapons Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. Andy Reid’s club could easily be 3-0 and they’re still likely to be one of the last teams standing come late January.

Meanwhile, Nick Sirianni has the most penalized team in the league and forgot all about his running backs entirely during that disaster in Dallas. It’s almost poetic to have the Eagles’ lack of rushing attempts be a key storyline as the always pass-happy-and-oft-scrutinized-for-it Reid comes to town. While more carries were unlikely to change the outcome against the Cowboys, it seems like a prudent change to alleviate pressure from a young quarterback who isn’t exactly the most accurate passer. Just don’t go overboard. This is 2021 and these are the Chiefs. It’d be a fool’s errand to think you can beat them with ball control in a low-scoring game. They’re just too explosive.


So what’s the plan on defense? Last week the Eagles sat back to limit big plays and in hopes that the Cowboys couldn’t move the ball methodically down the field. Suffice to say that did not work. If they take the same approach, perhaps Mahomes and Reid get a little impatient and make some mistakes trying to force things. I just wouldn’t bet on it. While the line somehow only favors the Chiefs by 7 points, I don’t see the Birds keeping this one close.

Chiefs 34, Eagles 21

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