Our Eagles-Washington predictions for Week 15


The Eagles (6-7) are home to host the Washington Football Team (6-7) at Lincoln Financial Field on Tuesday night.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (9-4)

I don’t have to worry about going against my gut instinct this time because I don’t have one. I have no idea how the Eagles are going to react to a two-day postponement. I have no idea how Jalen Hurts is going to look running around on that ankle. I have no idea how Washington is going to look, presumably still missing a number of key guys. I have no idea what kind of effect a 16-day layoff is going to have on the Eagles. I have no idea how many more players both teams are going to lose. That said, I think this is a very tough game for the Eagles. It’s a game they should win, but it’s hard to feel good with everything that’s going on. The one thing they can always rely on is that vaunted running game, but without Landon Dickerson — presumably — against Washington’s 4th-ranked run defense, I’m not sure they can even run the ball. If they can go out and play smart, physical football for 60 minutes and not beat themselves, they should be able to grind out a win. I just don’t know. I have no idea what this game will look like, but in the end I do believe the Eagles will find a way.

Eagles 16, Washington 14


Dave Zangaro (10-3)

Given the way this week has gone, it’s been tough to nail down a prediction. I had one ready to go before the game was postponed but then it was back to the drawing board. I expect Washington will be in much better shape on Tuesday night than they would have been on Sunday afternoon, but it still won’t be enough. Even guys who return from the COVID-19 list will have missed an entire week of practice.

The Eagles have to maintain their focus and maybe that won’t be easy after a 16-day layoff but I have confidence in Nick Sirianni to push the right buttons and get his guys ready to play. It’s been a weird week but that can sometimes be galvanizing too. I think the Eagles pull out a W to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Eagles 26, Washington 20

Ray Didinger (10-3)

The last time the Eagles faced a situation like this — home game postponed from Sunday to Tuesday night — was December, 2010. A game against Minnesota was rescheduled when the weather forecast called for heavy snow. What seemed like a mere inconvenience proved to be a disaster.

The Eagles were fresh off a memorable comeback win against the Giants in the Meadowlands — the game ended on DeSean Jackson's walk off punt return — so they were flying high at 10-4. The Vikings were a dispirited 5-9 just playing out the string. Brett Favre was out with an injury so rookie Joe Webb would make his first NFL start at quarterback. The game looked like a lock.

But the weird postponement broke the Eagles momentum. They lost to the Vikings, 24-14, and didn't win another game. They lost to Dallas the next week then lost the wild card playoff game at home to Green Bay. Their mojo was gone, just like that.

The circumstances are different this time but the effect is the same. After preparing all week, the Eagles now have to wait until Tuesday night to play Washington. Will it be a repeat of 2010? I don't think so.

Eagles 27, Washington 17

Barrett Brooks (7-6)

When I looked at the matchup between the WFT and the Eagles, I think player-for-player, the Birds are better. Defensively, the WFT has a very talented front four. Their d-line might be the best in the NFL, when Chase Young and Montez Sweat are rushing off the edges. Young is out for the year and Sweat is just getting back to practicing. Plus, the Bird's o-line matches up well against the DEs. It’s the interior of the o-line I question. With Landon Dickerson on the COVID List, this significantly weakens the line.

The Eagles defensively won't struggle at stopping any of the WTF offense. I like the matchup between Darius Slay and the rest of the secondary against Terry McLaurin and Cam Sims. The Birds’ defense will stop the run and send Washington home with a loss!


Eagles 28, Washington 18

Mike Mulhern (8-5)

If you wanted a forfeit, you’re a coward. If you wanted Washington to field a glorified XFL roster, you’re weak. This is meaningful football, a playoff push in December. Two teams facing off in a quasi-elimination game. It’s what you long for every September. Sign me up. Besides, complaining isn’t going to do anything but fill airtime on talk radio.

With that out of the way, it’s an unfortunate break to see the Eagles lose Landon Dickerson to COVID protocols, especially with Washington getting almost its entire defensive line back. Sua Opeta, whose “stock is hotter than Tesla” according to Jason Kelce, is expected to step in at left guard. Hopefully the drop off is minimal. Plus, the delay allows the Eagles to get Jalen Hurts and their backfield healthier. It should be business as usual on the ground.

On the flip side, the postponement likely allows Washington to get an actual NFL quarterback back under center, rather than emergency practice squad poach Garrett Gilbert. Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke both entered COVID protocols leading up to Sunday but one or both could be cleared by kickoff. That would surely lead to more cursing of the commissioner and the league office. In the end, it will feel better watching the Eagles go out and earn it.

Eagles 27, Washington 20

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