Patient K'Von Wallace on new role: There's 'a storm coming'


K’Von Wallace has been patiently waiting for his turn.

It looks like it’s coming.

After the Eagles released veteran Will Parks this week, the Eagles confirmed that it’ll mean more playing time for some of their younger players, especially the fourth-round safety out of Clemson.

“I feel like my time’s going to come, my time’s going to come and it’s going to be a storm coming,” Wallace said on Friday. “And I just cannot wait for that time to come.”

Wallace, 23, has played just 53 defensive snaps all season and just six in the last six games. It might seem like he’d be frustrated after that type of wait but he hasn’t been … he isn’t. Because he’s learned how to be patient.

On Friday, Wallace gave a lengthy answer about the origin of his patience. It stems from his days of high school.

“Patience has literally become my best friend,” he said. “Having a best friend, there are going to be some good and bad things that y’all say to each other, do to each other, whatever the case may be. There’s some things that I don’t like about patience, and there’s some things that I love about patience, but I’ve grown to make patience my best friend.”

As Wallace explained it, when he arrived at Highland Springs High School in Virginia, he thought he was going to play on the JV team but he spent the entire season on the freshman team.


Then he thought he was going to jump JV and go to varsity but he didn’t. He spent his entire sophomore season on the JV team.

As a junior, he was finally on the varsity team but didn’t start a single game. It wasn’t until his senior season that he became a two-way starter and a star, earning a scholarship to Clemson.

But then he got to Clemson and he wasn’t a star right away there either. He barely played as a true freshman. And as a sophomore, he didn’t start until his sixth game of the season. But then in his junior and senior seasons, he was a standout player and became an NFL draft pick.

So it’s safe to say Wallace understands the value in being patient. It has worked for him at every level. That’s why he’s not too worried that he’s had just 53 snaps through 12 weeks as a rookie in the NFL.

“I know my time is going to come and I know that I’m going to dominate every single time I get on that field,” Wallace said. “I’m going to dominate every special teams rep, whatever you need me to do. I’m going to go out there and do it because I am a confident, you know, believer of God that no matter what’s thrown my way, I know that I gotta be patient, but I know that when my time is called I’m going to be ready.”

The most snaps Wallace has played in an NFL game so far came against the 49ers back in Week 4, when he played 27. In that game, he had the tough task of trying to slow down the best tight end in the NFL in George Kittle.

As he gets ready to hopefully see more playing time with five weeks left in the 2020 season, this next game is against the Packers and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers.

Wallace is pretty excited about that.

“A-Rod is a legend, so just knowing that you’re going against a dominant force at that quarterback position, it’s an amazing opportunity to go out there and showcase how good I am,” he said. “I know how good he is, but how good he is is also going to challenge me and push me to show how good I am. If I have a dominant game or any type of reps that I get, if I go out there and showcase my skills vs. that type of quarterback, I know that I belong.”

He’s been patient. He’s been waiting for his chance. And now Wallace hopes it’s coming soon.

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