Eagles kicker Jake Elliott has a relatively straightforward job: he kicks footballs as straight and far as possible. During the 2019 season, he kicked a football 144 times, and he was aiming for a pair of NFL regulation uprights 63 times. He, like all kickers, needs reps.

So how's Elliott staying fresh with limited access to goal posts? With a soccer field, and some insane accuracy.

Since returning from his honeymoon, and in between golf trick shots, Elliott has been semi-frequently posting videos of himself kicking footballs in very straight lines while aiming at... nothing? 

It's pretty mesmerizing, especially in slow motion:

I love the way the ball lines up exactly with that enormous tree in the middle of the frame. This is art.

I'd imagine it was initially off-putting, mentally, for Elliott to practice a field goal-style kick without goal posts. 

It's sort of like Joel Embiid shooting a basketball at a rim with no backboard, or maybe at a backboard with no rim. It's like Aaron Nola throwing a baseball off the pitcher's mound without no plate or batter's box. It's weird!

I can't decide if I'm more impressed by Elliott's accuracy launching field goals through imaginary uprights, or in his continued trick shot skills:

Elliott, of course, is trying to keep sharp after posting career-best field goal (84.6) and extra point (94.6) percentages in 2019. Elliott ranked 12th among NFL kickers in field goal percentage with at least 25 attempts, and 10th among NFL kickers in extra point percentage with at least 30 attempts.

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