Kenney talks Super Bowl celebration plans, parade, more


With five days to go until the Eagles face the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney took some Birds-related questions Tuesday and managed to avoid giving Kansas City any bulletin board material.

Kenney, who this week got a stamp of approval from Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, was asked about his plans for the big game, what a parade might look like, and more.

Here are the highlights:

On his plans for Sunday

"Airfare and hotels was way too expensive. I thought about going out there, but it's not worth the money. So I'll sit on the couch, eat, and watch the replays."

On the game itself

"Yeah, it's gonna be a good game. There's lots of subplots, there's the Kelce brothers, there's Andy Reid who we love still - we don't wanna love him on Sunday but we love him anyway - and Coach Sirianni's relationship with him, and it's a very interesting game. It should be a good game, hopefully we win."

On any bets with Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas

"Yeah, I think we have some food bets, some beer bets. Nothing crazy. I want to eat some of those Kansas City ribs."

On plans for a parade

"I don't really want to talk about it so I don't mush it. But it'll be during the week, the week after Sunday."

On greasing the poles on Broad Street

"I don't know. Greasing the poles keeps more people from climbing up them, but it doesn't stop everybody. So whatever the police thinks we should do, we do. But I'm ambivalent about the poles."

On whether he's worried about celebrations

"Nah. NFC Championship, what I saw from the coverage, it was diverse. People of all colors, ethnicities were out dancing with each other. Philadelphia Police were dancing with young kids. There's a general spirit of good will when you're successful, and hopefully we can keep that going all year.



"I think we had like eight people arrested out of 20-some thousand, so it's not that bad. No sense in overreacting. I think what happened was, people were given a time when it was over. The difference was, the game was earlier with the NFC Championship. This game will be later. So we'll have to figure out, does it makes sense at 1 or 2 AM, everybody's gotta go."