A few days after DeSean Jackson accepted a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor’s invitation to visit a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame has extended an invitation to the Eagles’ receiver to attend its next enshrinement ceremony.

Stephen Frishberg, president of the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, wrote on the organization’s web site that he believes Jackson could learn about the rich history of Jewish men and women throughout Philadelphia sports history by attending the April, 2021, event.

Jerry Wolman, who owned the Eagles from 1963 through 1968 and was also one of the original owners of the Flyers organization, will be posthumously honored in April.

The Eagles fined Jackson after his recent social media posts citing a fake Hitler quote. Jackson apologized but the Eagles told him if he doesn’t “commit to supporting his words with actions,” he will be released.

In a statement on the organization’s web site, Frishberg explained why Jackson’s social media posts were so hurtful and offensive:

Words matter. Jews have had to endure anti-Semitism for centuries. This is nothing new to us. Anti-Semitic comments now appear in the mainstream and violence against Jews is commonplace. Making statements like the ones made by Desean the other day normalize these types of stereotypes, which is dangerous to our already fragile society. But I don’t single out Desean any more than others who are on social media and write hateful, racist, and threatening comments about people they don’t know based on the color of their skin, distinguishing features, political leanings, religion or their surnames. It’s time for all of us to be much kinder to one another, and to put ourselves in our neighbor’s shoes for just a moment.


The Philadelphia Jewish Sports Museum’s first induction class was in 1997. Among the inductees are Howie Roseman, basketball Hall of Famers Dolph Schayes and Larry Brown, long-time Steelers tight end Randy Grossman and one-time light heavyweight boxing champion Barney “Battling” Levinsky and Olympic decathlete Irv Mondschein and voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese.

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