Price for NFL's 'best insurance policy' Nick Foles better be RG3-like

Price for NFL's 'best insurance policy' Nick Foles better be RG3-like

INDIANAPOLIS — Bill Polian is a lifer. He has spent the large bulk of his 75 years on this Earth playing, coaching, working in a front office or analyzing football. He is a Pro Football Hall of Famer who won a Super Bowl and has been to five others. Four of those appearances in the big game came during his time as the Bills' general manager. 

During Polian's tenure in Buffalo, he had a pretty good backup quarterback. You may have heard of him, Frank Reich. Former Eagles offensive coordinator, now head coach of the Colts. Reich engineered one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history, stepping in for an injured Jim Kelly and bringing the Bills back from a 32-point deficit in 1993. Reich served as Kelly's backup for nine seasons, Polian's entire time in Western New York.

Polian values a quality backup. And he thinks the Eagles should set their asking price very high for Nick Foles.

"I would not accept anything but a premium package," Polian said Thursday at the Combine. "Which means a one or ones (first-round picks) plural.

"RG3 went for two ones and two twos. Nick Foles ought to be in that area if you're trading him away."

Carson Wentz's injury plays a role in Polian's thinking.

The Eagles have cap issues and do not own a second- or a third-round pick in April's draft. Moving a "backup" would seem tempting but this isn't any old backup and Polian cautions against the lure of trading Foles for picks.

"I've heard this argument from the armchair general managers, if you will, that you have to get something for him," Polian said. "[Foles] is an icon in Philadelphia. So be very careful how you handle that, Howie knows that, Doug knows that, Jeffrey Lurie knows that.

"You're getting something if you keep him, you're getting a $7 million insurance policy that's the best insurance policy in football. How did [gathering draft picks] work out in Cleveland? You guys have the trophy."

Eagle Eye Podcast: Does Frank Reich give Colts an edge?

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Eagle Eye Podcast: Does Frank Reich give Colts an edge?

On this edition of Eagle Eye, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks preview the Colts game. Does Frank Reich's history with the Eagles give the Colts any kind of advantage on Sunday? What the guys are expecting from Carson Wentz and Jordan Matthews.

How will the NFC East standings look on Monday?

Also, the Browns win a game! And Baker Mayfield has some Carson Wentz in him.

1:00 - What to expect from Carson Wentz?
5:00 - Problems Colts may provide.
9:00 - Expectations for Jordan Matthews.
13:30 - Predicting Monday's headlines today.
15:00 - Taking a look at the NFC East games.
18:00 - The Browns win!!!

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Sahl's Father Son Farm designs 'Philly Special' corn maze

Press of Atlantic City/Sahl's Father Son Farm

Sahl's Father Son Farm designs 'Philly Special' corn maze

It seems like nobody can get enough of the "Philly Special."

The Eagles ran a similar trick play in a pivotal moment in Week 1; a local high school pulled it off; the Browns appeared to copy the Eagles Thursday night; a creative couple put the play on their wedding cake. It’s everywhere.

You can now add corn mazes to that list.

Sahl’s Father Son Farm in Galloway Township, New Jersey, has designed a corn maze in the shape of the Philly Special. The design is pretty incredible and according to Jeremy Sahl, one of the owners of the farm, it comes with the Eagles’ stamp of approval.

“We were hollering and hopping out of our chairs and jumping around when someone shouted something about putting the Eagles’ Super Bowl win into the corn maze this year,” Sahl said. “I mean, it took some time to finalize the design process, but after corresponding with the Eagles for a while, this is what we ended up with. We’re really proud of it!”

The corn maze is open to visitors starting Sunday.

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