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Roseman will reportedly return to Eagles in 2021

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Not a big surprise with this one, but according to a broadcast report Sunday afternoon, Howie Roseman isn’t going anywhere.

Jay Glazer of FOX NFL Sunday reported that Roseman, the Eagles’ executive Vice President and general manager, will be back for his 22nd year with the team. 

Roseman has come under increasing criticism for his poor drafts and roster management, but he’s also owner Jeff Lurie’s most trusted asset within the organization. It’s always been hard to imagine Lurie actually firing Roseman, who originally joined the team as a salary cap intern in 2000.

“Howie Roseman, he looks to be on the hot seat? He’s not, he’ll return,” Glazer said.

Roseman first became Eagles general manager in 2010, was demoted in 2015 when Chip Kelly took over GM duties, then had his general manager duties restored in 2016 when Kelly was fired.

Roseman was named Executive of the Year in 2017 after building the Super Bowl championship team, but the Eagles have only drafted one Pro Bowl player in the five drafts since Roseman returned to power and that’s benched quarterback Carson Wentz, whose future with the team is up in the air.

The Eagles haven’t drafted a Pro Bowler on defense since Fletcher Cox in 2012.

Glazer did not get into any details about whether Roseman’s role might change in 2021. There has been speculation that Lurie could bring in a personnel guru who would have final say over the draft and all roster decisions while allowing Roseman to handle salary cap and contracts.


But that’s considered unlikely, and if the decision has already been made for Roseman to return, it seems almost certain he’ll return with his GM power intact.

The Eagles are 4-10-1 with a game left Sunday night against Washington.

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