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Roob's observations after Wentz and Eagles’ broken offense sacked again

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The worst defense in the NFL came to town Monday night. 

The Eagles scored 17 points.

Just another day in the Eagles' nightmare of a 2020 season.

The Seahawks continued their decade-long domination of the Eagles with a nationally televised 23-17 win at the Linc, the Eagles' third straight embarrassing loss and seventh straight loss to Seattle.

The Eagles made it close with a meaningless touchdown and two-point conversion with 12 seconds left.

Forget the final score. This loss was just as embarrassing as any this year.

1. Let’s start by pointing out that the Seahawks came into this game allowing 435 yards per game — worst in the NFL — and 343 passing yards per game, which over a full season would be the second worst in NFL history. And even with some garbage yards at the end of the game, the Eagles managed just 250 total yards, 180 net passing yards and 17 points.

Forget the garbage TD at the end. This offense is a catastrophe, and even though the Eagles at times were able to move the ball in the second half, let’s face it. We’re 11 games in now and this offense is broken beyond repair. And nothing will change. Doug Pederson will keep calling plays, Carson Wentz will keep struggling and the Eagles will keep losing. Nothing will change until Jeff Lurie changes it.

2. Pederson’s weekly WTF moment: Going for it on 4th-and-4 on the Seahawks’ 15-yard line in a 20-9 game with 8 1/2 minutes left. You have to score twice anyway. So you kick the chip-shot field goal and make it a one-possession game. This is basic stuff. But Pederson goes for it, Wentz gets picked off — it looked like miscommunication between Wentz and Dallas Goedert — and the Seahawks get the ball back up 11 points. Sometimes I just can’t comprehend what Pederson is thinking. 


3. Here’s your weekly Pederson run-pass ratio update:

Eagles called runs: 12.

Eagles called pass plays: 53.

Sheer lunacy.

4. So much for Jalen Hurts. After all the buildup, the poor kid finally enters the game early in the second quarter, Matt Pryor commits a penalty, Hurts completes a six-yard pass to Alshon Jeffery — the Eagles’ longest pass completion on their first five drives — and then we don’t see him again the rest of the game. How on earth are we ever going to learn anything about Hurts like this? Either play him or don’t play him, but a snap here, a snap there isn’t benefitting anybody.

5. This Jeffery thing is just an embarrassment to this organization. He’s giving the Eagles nothing. He’s obviously either not totally healthy yet or just so out of shape and rusty he can’t function. For him to be getting snaps ahead of Travis Fulgham is preposterous. You can’t cut him because of his ridiculous contract? Fine. Send him home. Thanks for 2017. It’s over. Bye. 

6. I wonder what Howie Roseman thinks when he watches DK Metcalf absolutely tear apart the Eagles. You probably don’t want to hear this, but … J.J. Arcega-Whiteside has 214 yards in his career. Metcalf had 177 Monday night. Metcalf now has more yards against the Eagles (377) than Arcega-Whiteside has for the Eagles (214). Drafting JJAW instead of Metcalf is the kind of thing that gets GMs fired. At least it should.

7. Speaking of Metcalf, I expected a little more from Darius Slay. He’s pretty good. He’s had a good year. He’s better than anybody the Eagles have had since Asante Samuel. But if you’re an elite shutdown corner, 10 for 177 doesn’t happen. 

8. Eleven games. Five first-quarter touchdowns. Think about that one. After another sluggish start Monday night, the Eagles have now scored 45 first-quarter points all year, and their last TD in the first quarter was back in the Dallas game.

Game after game, this offense is simply not ready to play football. It’s penalties, it’s bad QB play, it’s dropped passes, it’s sacks, but more than anything it’s Pederson showing zero sense of how to get this offense rolling at the start of games. So the Eagles are always playing from behind, and with this offense, that doesn’t work.

9. Who have the Eagles’ most consistent offensive players been this year? Goedert, Fulgham and Miles Sanders. Goedert is always a big part of what the Eagles do and he had another big game Monday night, but Fulgham and Sanders were both criminally underutilized. Fulgham played about half the Eagles’ snaps — losing many to Jeffery. He was targeted twice and caught two passes for 16 yards. And Sanders got just six carries.


Fulgham has proven to be a big-play receiver, and we all know what Sanders can do. But Fulgham spent as much time on the bench as on the field, and Pederson once again stopped using Sanders when his first few carries didn’t generate many yards.

You can't score, so let's ignore two of your best weapons. Makes zero sense. But that’s Doug 2020.

10. The Eagles were in first place a few days ago. Now they're 3-7-1, and only five teams in the NFL have a worse record. And the Packers, Saints and Cards are up next. The losing streak is up to three, the schedule is murder and this is truly starting to look like one of the worst seasons in recent franchise history. Lurie is a smart guy. He understands how bad this has gotten and he knows it's not going to fix itself. It's impossible to imagine at this point there won't be major changes in the coaching staff and front office once the season mercifully ends. 

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