Is it OK for Eagles fans to … ugh … root for Cowboys?


It goes against every fiber of your being as an Eagles fan.

You’d rather step on five miles of Legos. But this weekend, and maybe even Christmas weekend, you might want to do it.

Eagles fans will want to root … *shiver* … for the Cowboys.

I know, I know. Just the idea makes my blood boil, but stay with me. The Washington Football Team (still laughable to say) currently stands between the Eagles and a potential playoff berth. Not only do they have a better overall record (6-6 vs the Eagles’ 6-7), but WFT has a better division record (1-0 vs. 0-2) and conference record (5-2 vs 4-4), which would tip the scales in DC’s favor if the teams finish the regular season with the same record.

Over the next four weeks, Washington will host Dallas, play the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, play the Cowboys in Dallas, and, finally, host the Eagles, in what could be a play-in game.

Now, the Eagles could just take care of business themselves and sweep their two remaining games against WFT, which would nullify any of the other tiebreaker advantages mentioned above. But honestly, the odds of the Eagles beating Washington twice in a three-week span aren’t great. You don’t really know what you’re going to get from the Eagles from week-to-week.

Which leads us to Plan B: rooting for Dallas to knock off the WFT. Did you just throw up in your mouth, too?

There is another reason for this: If the Cowboys win enough to where their playoff seeding is set by Week 18, the smart move would be to rest as many starters as they could, right? Guess who Dallas plays to close out the season? That’s right. Your Philadelphia Eagles.


No one’s asking you to do this vile thing in public. Keep it to yourself, kind of like when you have Cowboys players on your fantasy team. You don’t outwardly cheer them on, but you celebrate on the down-low. No high-fives, no chest bumps. A quiet nod to one another will do.

As terrible as it is, this is for the greater good. You’re suffering so that the Eagles may have a better chance at a playoff spot. You’re doing a noble thing. The sacrifice of hating yourself for a couple of three-hour spans over the next few weeks is worth it.

So, uh, How ‘bout them Cowboys?

I need a shower.