Ryan Kerrigan given award for his domination of Eagles in Week 1


It should come as no surprise, but Washington veteran Ryan Kerrigan has been named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his dominating performance against the Eagles on Sunday.

Kerrigan, 32, had 2 sacks for 20 yards, 2 QB Hits, 2 TFLs and one fumble recovery in Washington’s 27-17 win at FedExField.

Sure, Lane Johnson wasn’t playing on Sunday and maybe things would’ve been different if he played. But Kerrigan has been an Eagle killer throughout his career.

And it’s not like Johnson relishes the opportunity to face Kerrigan.

“It sucks,” Johnson said last season about facing Kerrigan. “Just a guy that’s relentless. He doesn’t stop and that’s the mentality I’m going against. As far as going against him, I have to match it.”

Of Kerrigan’s 92 career sacks, 13 1/2 of them (14.7 percent) have come against the Eagles. He has more sacks against the Eagles than any other team.

And since sacks became an official stat in 1982, Kerrigan’s 13 1/2 against the Eagles rank him ninth all-time against the Birds. With one more sack, he’ll move up into seventh place.

At the top of that list are Lawrence Taylor (25) and Michael Strahan (21 1/2).

Kerrigan was a first-round pick back in 2011 and has played his entire career in Washington, which is probably why he’s so underrated in the grand scheme of things, despite his four Pro Bowls. He’s fourth on the active sack list in the NFL, behind Von Miller, Chandler Jones and J.J. Watt.