Updated: 8:42 p.m.

Remember when we all assumed Mychal Kendricks’ NFL career was over? 

Incredibly, we were all wrong. 

Despite the fact that Kendricks, 28, could be facing up to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal insider trading charges, one NFL team is taking a chance on him. Really. 

That’s pretty wild. 

Kendricks’ sentencing hearing isn’t scheduled until Dec. 18, so the former Eagles linebacker could theoretically play for three months before then. 

But even if Kendricks doesn’t get sentenced to prison time, the NFL could very well suspend him for violating its personal conduct policy, which doesn’t really have any hard rules. There’s also not much of a precedent with white-collar crime, but it certainly seems like the NFL might crack down in some way.  

After news broke about Kendricks’ previous insider trading and after he apologized and admitted fault, it didn’t take the Browns very long to release him. That means he was released by the Eagles and the Browns within the span of just a few months. 

It would still be hard to imagine Kendricks’ playing this season as he awaits sentencing that could send him to jail. But the Seahawks are at least a little interested apparently. 


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