Seth Joyner goes off on Wentz for acting like a 'baby'


The Eagles nearly beat the Cardinals in Arizona on Sunday behind an excellent performance from rookie Jalen Hurts, but before the game began, the story of the day was a report that Carson Wentz is 'unhappy' with the way the team's quarterback situation is going at the moment, and that he could look to leave Philadelphia if Hurts continues to start at quarterback.

You know who doesn't want to hear about Wentz's complaints? Seth Joyner.

In the moments after the Eagles' loss Sunday on Eagles Postgame Live, Joyner went off on Wentz for his reported behind-the-scenes complaints since Hurts took over as the starting quarterback.

Joyner, who spent eight years with the Eagles, knows a thing or two about the behind-the-scenes dynamic of pro athletes. Here's why he doesn't like what he's hearing about Wentz:

"My agent always worked for me, so my agent is not out making statements for me without first having conferred with me about the media spin and things that he's going to say. So if it's out there because Carson Wentz's agent put it out there, then Carson Wentz has OK'd his agent to put it out there in the public realm. Okay? That's ... that's first.

"Second of all, I could give a rat's you-know-what about how Carson feels, about whether Carson wants to be here or not. I am sick and tired of hearing everyone talk about, you know, 'Oh, the Eagles failed Carson Wentz. Oh, the Eagles betrayed Carson Wentz. Oh -' Listen. They drafted him with the No. 2 draft pick overall, okay? They made him the starter Day 1. They turned around and re-upped his deal, gave him an extension, a year before they even had to, okay? Every time they came back from injury, they re-inserted him as the starter, okay? How much more support do you want?



"I don't care if Carson Wentz doesn't like being the backup quarterback. I don't care what he feels, or what he thinks, okay? This organization owes him nothing more than what they have given him. And now it's time for him to earn it, and he wants to act like a little baby?"

Well dang, Seth!

It's hard to argue with Joyner's points here. Wentz is guaranteed over $100 million over the next four years from the organization, and this year he was simply so bad that Doug Pederson had no choice but to replace him with a rookie, who is now playing some great football.

If Wentz is okay with a quarterback competition next fall, then that's one thing. But if he's not even up to compete for his job after an embarrassingly bad season, and after Hurts has made the offense look markedly better in his absence? Well, then it's not a very good look for Wentz.

It'll be fascinating to see what comes of the QB situation if Hurts continues to play well and closes out the year on a roll. I don't think it bodes well for Wentz.

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