Spanish call of Daniel Jones tripping over 20-yard line is excellent


According to the NFL’s NextGen Stats, Daniel Jones on his 80-yard run against the Eagles reached 21.23mph, which is the top speed from a quarterback in the last three years.

That’s why it was that much more shocking when he was tripped up by the 20-yard line.

And, yes, the Spanish call on Jones’ run is just as fantastic as you might imagine.

“Y se fue … NO!”

It’s hard to become the butt of a joke after an 80-yarder but that’s what immediately happened.

After the game, Jones tried to explain how the heck he tripped.

“I just tried to run faster than I was running and I got caught up,” Jones said. “We finished the drive and scored a touchdown. That was a relief to me for sure.”

Eventually, Jones rolled to a stop on the Eagles’ 8-yard line and was touched down. He was lucky the Giants punched in a touchdown a few plays later to take a 14-10 lead. The Giants later pushed that lead to 11 before the Eagles staged a fourth-quarter comeback to win 22-21. 

When you think about it, the fact that Jones had an 80-yard run on a Giants scoring drive just means it was a great play for him. But the ending was just too funny to leave alone.

Do your thing, internet.

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