The story behind Foles' game-winning TD call is just insane


Eagles legend Nick Foles saw his first action as a member of the Chicago Bears on Sunday, and boy did he capitalize on the opportunity. Foles took over for Mitch Trubisky in the third quarter, and promptly led the Bears to a dramatic comeback win over the Falcons to push Chicago to 3-0.

Foles threw a game-winning touchdown to Bears wideout Anthony Miller with less than two minutes left, while absorbing a hit from Atlanta's pass rush, a play already impressive on its own.

But the story behind how the play came together is even more amazing.

Monday morning on NFL Network's Good Morning Football, Peter Schrager broke down Foles' inside-the-huddle chatter from the third down TD throw:

"I've spoken with folks in Chicago, here's what happened. It's third and eight, and Nick Foles looks at Anthony Miller and says, 'If it's an all-out blitz, I need you to run to the 'L' in the end zone.' Miller's like, 'What?' Foles goes, 'Run to the 'L' in Atlanta Falcons in the end zone. Just run there and I'll find you. They don't have time to talk about it, he just says, 'Just go there if it's an all-out blitz.'"

And folks, look where this ball wound up:

Right. On. The. L.

Foles has less than three seconds from snap to throw, basically under duress the whole time, as the Falcons sent six rushers to chase Foles down.


And the man tossed that ball on an absolute rope, right into Miller's hands, at the L in "ATL" - just like he said he would.

The legend of Nick Foles continues to grow, and it only gets more and more impressive. I would be amazed if Foles isn't the starting QB for the Bears going forward. He certainly earned it Sunday.