Terrell Owens has surprising NFC East champion prediction


Terrell Owens spent five of his 15 seasons as an NFL wide receiver in the NFC East, so it's fair to say he has a good handle on the division.

Between his experience and his Hall of Fame credentials, Owens' word carries at least a little weight when he makes predictions.

So Eagles fans should be big fans of what Owens had to say Thursday on Bleacher Report's Drop Zone, where fellow NFL legend Chad Ochocinco joined the B/R team to break down NFL futures heading into the 2021 season.

Ochocinco had Owens on for a brief guest appearance during the show, and asked Owens who he thinks wins the NFC East this year. Here's their exchange:

"OCHOCINCO: Do the Cowboys make the playoffs? They've got all that firepower.

"T.O.: I say yes.

"OCHOCINCO: Will they win the NFC East?

"T.O.: No.

OCHOCINCO: What? They don't have any competition.

"T.O.: The Eagles. They've got Jalen Hurts. He's always going to put them in contention.

"OCHOCINCO: Wait a minute, the new coach said Jalen Hurts has to compete for the starting job. Do they have faith in him?

"T.O.: I've got faith in him."

Well alright then!

If the Eagles go from 4-11-1 in 2020 and firing their head coach and trading away their franchise quarterback during the offseason, to NFC East champs in less than a year? Birds fans will be so pumped and so obnoxious, other fanbases won't have anywhere to hide. It would be one of the most unexpected stories of the year.


Now, I'd be amazed if this is how the division actually shakes out. I think Washington and Dallas are clearly the two best teams in the division, followed by the Eagles and Giants in an undetermined order.

But Owens is right about one thing, assuming the Eagles don't trade for Deshaun Watson: if they win the NFC East, it'll be because Jalen Hurts got them there. This team doesn't have a wealth of talent on either side of the ball, so if they manage to exceed expectations this year I'd imagine it's on the back of Hurts proving himself to be a legitimate starting QB in the NFL.

Which would be a fantastic outcome for the season! Hurts is on his second-round rookie deal for two more years, and having a cheap QB who is fine-to-good is a cheat code in the modern NFL.

Here's hoping Owens' prediction is right, even if the odds feel pretty long right now.

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