Eagles will have to face Steelers coming off surprise bye week


As if the Eagles didn’t have enough to worry about, they’ll now have to face the Steelers coming off a surprise bye week next Sunday. 

The Titans-Steelers game for Week 4 will be rescheduled to later in the season, the NFL announced on Thursday morning. The game was originally scheduled for Sunday, but was then pushed back and the hope was for Monday or Tuesday. That isn’t happening. 

This whole thing matters because the Eagles play the Steelers in Week 5 in Pittsburgh. 

“The decision to postpone the game was made to ensure the health and safety of players, coaches and game day personnel. The Titans facility will remain closed and the team will continue to have no in-person activities until further notice.”

So while the Steelers will be spending this weekend resting in Pittsburgh and getting an early jump on their next opponent, the Eagles will be flying across the country to play in Sunday Night Football before preparing to play on a short week. 

There are plenty of bigger issues with these positive coronavirus results, so if you’re not worried about competitive balance, I get it. In fact, before this season, Jeffrey Lurie talked about how this was going to be an unusual season and teams would have to understand that competitive balance would some times get out of whack. 

But for an Eagles team that is already 0-2-1 to begin this season, this is just another hurdle.