Brady bringing his post-football career to Philly


Tom Brady is (for now) done with the game of football, so the all-time great is looking for ways to keep himself occupied in retirement.

One venture he began during his playing days, his TB12 health and wellness company, seems likely to be a big part of Brady's newfound time - and as the company begins what it sees as rapid expansion over the next decade, its first post-NFL step is into Philadelphia.

That's right: Brady, who both beat and lost to the Eagles in Super Bowls during his career, has decided South Philly's Navy Yard is the right place for TB12 to set up shop.

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Brady's company is partnering with a Philly-area specialty medical center starting this week, the Philadelphia Business Journal reports:

"TB12, a health and wellness company co-founded by recently retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady, has come to Philadelphia.

"The Vincera Institute, a specialty medical center that focuses on core health and treating core injuries, is teaming up with the company the seven-time Super Bowl champion launched in 2013 with his longtime body coach and business partner Alex Guererro.

"Under the partnership, TB12 body coaches will serve clients - beginning Monday - at the Vincera Institute's Navy Yard medical office in South Philadelphia."


Incredible. What are the odds that Brady picked the location of one of his most intriguing and unique NFL rivalries to expand TB12 right after he's done playing?

Brady's had some pretty big successes in South Philly, to be fair. He played in Philadelphia four times across his storied career, winning all four games and throwing eight touchdowns to just one interception. The QBs in those four games for the Eagles? Jalen Hurts (2021), Carson Wentz (2019), Vince Young (2011), and Donovan McNabb (2003).

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The Philly location of TB12 is the company's first outside of Brady's football homes; the first three were located in Foxboro, Boston, and Tampa Bay. The company's CEO John Burns told Philadelphia Business Journal that TB12 wants to have "500 locations over the next seven to eight years", which sure seems like a lot.

Brady, of course, has kept the spotlight on himself by constantly winking and nudging at a possible, theoretical, maybe-but-probably-not-but-who-knows return after a year away from the game.

Because it's always about him.