Tony Dungy knows Wentz is Eagles' future, still likes Hurts


There is less than a week left before the Eagles are in full swing for the 2020 NFL season and things look a little different in comparison to last year.

While the league as a whole has been making adjustments to ensure a safe season due to COVID-19, there are of course changes that have been made to the Eagles roster.

Looking back to the draft held in late April, one of the biggest shocks came in the second round, when the Eagles drafted quarterback Jalen Hurts.

NBC Sports Philadelphia's own Danny Pommells caught up with NBC's Football Night in America's Tony Dungy. They not only discussed expectations of Carson Wentz moving into the new season, but also acknowledged the interesting draft pick.

"I love Carson Wentz," Dungy said. "First of all, I would build around this guy and I think he is going to be sensational. That being said, he has to stay healthy and he has to know that he's the franchise quarterback.

"So, you've gotta do things — maybe take a little bit of the edge off how you play because you do have to be out there and be available for your team.

"You can minuscule a lot of different things, 'well he was hurt here, this happened to him,' but he's going to be a great player for them. Part of what makes him great is that willingness to throw his body around that willingness to get that extra yard for the first down. That goes with the territory.


Even though it's clear Dungy believes in Wentz and his abilities to lead the Eagles, he also shared why he liked drafting a quarterback.

"I like where he is," Dungy said. I also like the fact they took Jalen [Hurts] because I think if he does have to play, he can give them a little different look. People will have to prepare for it and I think he's going to be a great compliment."