Torrey Smith has most logical Wentz take of the day (maybe of season)


If you've been watching the Eagles from the start of the season, you've seen Carson Wentz gradually stabilize himself over the course of the first six weeks. 

Now, by no means does that imply he's playing the best that he can, but does the team's poor performance solely fall on the quarterback? 

Torrey Smith, a key player for both the Eagles and Ravens during their most recent Super Bowl victories, joined the Eagles Pregame Live crew on NBC Sports Philadelphia to take a look into today's matchup against the two teams. 

Smith was asked about playing alongside Wentz during the best season of his career and if he thinks No. 11 can eventually find his way back to that consistent, MVP caliber kind of year. 

Smith went on to give one of the most logical, reasonable and understandable explanations that everyone needs to listen to. Immediately. 

Can Wentz be elite again? Torrey Smith's take makes sense

"I think he can," Smith said. "You know the biggest thing is, you have to look at your environment. There isn't a single quarterback in this league that is going out there and is winning by themselves. 

"Everyone has one or two things. You either have protection and you have some guys who can get it done around you, or you have weapons and you can kind of offset the protection a little bit. But football is the ultimate team sport, and right now, the offensive line is struggling and he has younger weapons that are growing and his best receivers are hurt. So how do expect the guy to be at an MVP level?" 


Smith went even further to make the perfect comparison for Wentz for those who still put the blame just on the quarterback. 

"The perfect example is last year - people were writing off Aaron Rodgers," Smith said. "They were talking about 'he was washed up', 'he was older' and now look - he's in the MVP category because he's getting protection, he has a solid run game and doesn't have to put the team on his back. But he's very much capable of doing it with his weapon.

"I see Carson the same way. When the team is healthy, it would look completely different than now, but it's going to be a journey as long as the offensive line is struggling and his weapons are hurt."

Yeah. Mic drop. 

Can Wentz still play better than he is right now? Sure. 

But he would be much, much more efficient if the circumstances were different right now.