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Why Travis Fulgham isn't impressed by his hot start

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He shrugs it off. He shrugs it all off.

The huge start. The unlikely road he took to get here. The attention and the accolades. 


"Yeah, that's just kind of my personality," Travis Fulgham said Friday. "Cool, calm, collected. Nothing has surprised me, so I just need to keep playing my game and helping this team out."

That tells you all you need to know about Fulgham.

In the first significant playing time of his career, he's got the second-most yards among all NFL wide receivers over the last four games, and it hasn't surprised him.

Because he expected it all along.

"I'm not really paying attention to all the stuff off the field," he said. "Kind of just pushing forward each week, just keep trying to go 1-0. I'll reflect after the season when everything's done. But right now, I'm just focused on the Cowboys."

Next to DeSean Jackson, this has been the most auspicious debut ever by a young Eagles wide receiver.

Fulgham had 2-for-57 with the 42-yard touchdown against the 49ers, then 10-for-152 with a TD in Pittsburgh, 6-for-75 in the loss to the Ravens with his third TD and 5-for-73 Thursday night in the win over the Giants.

He's the first receiver in Eagles history with three straight 70-yard games this early in his NFL career — within his first seven games.

And his 357 yards are 3rd-most by an Eagle in his first seven career games ... even though he played three of those seven games with the Lions (without catching a pass).


"Travis is a smart guy," receivers coach Aaron Moorehead said. "He works really hard and he's got a knack for making plays. He's a guy who's made plays and the quarterbacks trust him. When you throw the ball up to a guy and he's going to go up and fight for it every single time and he's going to go and run routes and do it crisp?"

Moorehead didn't have to finish the sentence because we've seen it on the field each of the last four games.

"As he was doing things on scout team, you started to take notice of him doing that and he was able to get up and go do the things in the game that he was doing during practice," Moore said. "He's just gotten better and better each week. I'm just excited to see where the rest of the year can take Travis."

The Eagles will have their full array of young receivers Sunday night when they face a Cowboys team allowing an NFL-high 35 points per game.

With 1st-round pick Jalen Reagor returning after missing five games, this will be the first time Reagor and Fulgham have been on the field together.

Throw in John Hightower and Greg Ward and it'll be a terrific opportunity for Carson Wentz to spread the ball around to four impressive young wideouts.

"I feel like we have a great young group," Fulgham said. "We grind every day. We all pick each other's brains, improve each other, and yeah, I feel like it's a great young group, and we definitely want to do big things."