TV clown gives incoherent rant on Carson Wentz; internet laughs at him


There are plenty of reasons to criticize Carson Wentz these days.

The Eagles’ franchise quarterback is off to an awful start this season. He’s forcing throws, making mistakes and he’s a huge reason why the Eagles are off to an 0-2 start.

Instead of all that, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd decided to focus on the hat Wentz was wearing during his video conference on Wednesday. Damn kids!

This is just idiotic:

There’s a lot to take in there and I honestly don’t know where to begin.

1. When Cowherd puts on that Eagles hat, it is clearly too small to fit on his melon head. You’d think if you had this elaborate rant planned where you’re going to make fun of the appearance of an NFL player, you’d at least make sure your own hat fits first.

2. Why in the world would Wentz wear the same outfit to meet advertisers as he would to do a video conference with a bunch of schlub reporters before practice?

3. What is that voice? It will haunt me in my sleep. Think of a haunted house where that voice plays on a loop. And … I’m pretty sure Wentz has been to a bank; he’s made $70 million in the NFL.

4. I can’t believe anyone would watch this doofus by choice.

5. We’re doing what he wants. We’re giving it attention, but we couldn’t help ourselves.


At least the internet did what it does best. It dunked on him: