Updated salary cap figures for Jason Peters and Lane Johnson 


Last week, Jason Peters moved back to left tackle and then the Eagles compensated him for that move, which resulted in a relatively minimal cap increase for 2020. They also re-adjusted Lane Johnson’s contract to make it all happen.

So here’s an updated look at both of their contracts, according to a league source:

Peters’ new contract includes $4.05 million guaranteed and comes with another $2M signing bonus on top of the $1M signing bonus he got when he signed his first deal to play right guard in July. Peters’ cap hit went from $3 million to $4.625 million in 2020.

Here’s how the new one-year deal breaks down:

Base salary: $1.05 million

Signing bonuses: $3 million

Likely to be earned incentives: $575K

Salary cap number: $4.625 million

This cap number is $1.625 million more than the $3 million cap number on his original deal. So it’s not even that much of an increase, but the Eagles still significantly altered Johnson’s contract for this season.

Johnson was initially supposed to have a cap hit of $15,686,205 in 2020 but the Eagles converted most of his base salary into a bonus to spread out the money over the remaining years of his contract for cap purposes.

Johnson’s new salary camp number for 2020 is $10,298,211. So Johnson counts over $5 million less against the cap this season.

The Eagles basically gave Johnson a $6.7 million bonus and dropped his base salary to just over $1 million for 2020. While it sounds like Johnson did something heroic to help his teammate get more money, this is something the Eagles do quite often. Johnson doesn’t get less money; in fact, he gets the money in his pocket a bit sooner.


But with doing this, it also raises Johnson’s cap figures for most years through the end of his contract in 2025. Here are his new cap numbers next to his old ones:

2020: $10.3M/$15.7M

2021: $17.8M/$16.5M

2022: $14.1M/$12.7M

2023: $21.3M/$19.97M

2024: $19.1M/$17.8M

2025: $20.0M/20.0M

With all these moves, the Eagles have $20,580,450 in salary cap room right now. They are counting on carrying over most of that into the 2021 league year.