Watch Cox make Sanders' touchdown even more epic


At 3-8-1, I think Eagles fans will take any small victory for the last few games of the 2020 season. 

Apparently, so will Fletcher Cox. 

In a matchup where all eyes have been on rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts as he makes first NFL start against the Saints, the running game shook things up in the winding minutes of the second quarter. 

Miles Sanders ran an impressive 82 yards for a touchdown, expanding the Eagles' lead to a solid 17-0. 

What won't go down in the stat book from that run, but will be remembered for the rest of the season, are the 25-plus yards Cox was running on the sideline cheering on the running back. 

Seriously, it's a play so nice you have to watch it twice (one for the actual touchdown and the other for the best hype man on the Eagles in his element).