WATCH: Hurts' pregame speech vs. 49ers will give you chills


Jalen Hurts has quickly become the heartbeat of the Eagles organization. He went from a question mark before the season began to the unquestioned leader of a team that includes numerous franchise legends.

And every time you heard Hurts speak in the locker room after a win, you understood why: his conviction is unmatched and his energy is infectious. He seems to be a natural-born leader.

Which is why it's no surprise that his pregame speech to the team before Sunday's NFC Championship romp over the 49ers was incredible.

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I'll let you watch it for yourself:

Man oh man. If Hurts didn't want to play football, he could've dominated the world of politics - except he's probably too principled to get into that world.

He's been dropping elite lines all season long, from "I ain't hungry, I'm starving for this sh*t" in a film session to his postgame pointed "What you gonna do?" challenge to his teammates. 

I love "How do you want to be remembered?" here, the perfect message for a home conference championship game. Nick Sirianni said after Sunday's win that he often looked at the image of 38-7 in their practice bubble and dreamt about his own version, and Eagles fans will always remember Sunday's dominating win, from Haason Reddick's game-wrecking sacks to DeVonta Smith's one-handed catch and equally important football IQ.


These Eagles left an indelible image in fans' memories all year long of what football dominance looks like, and now they have 60 minutes in Arizona to seal the deal.