WATCH: Roseman's reaction to Kelce's news is incredible


Eagles great Jason Kelce is back for at least one more season in the National Football League.

The center announced the news yesterday and Eagles fans across the land rejoiced, as did Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, who got the scoop a little early from Kelce.

Kelce's fabulously famous podcast, New Heights, released a 40-second clip on social media Monday following Kelce's return announcement featuring Kelce and Roseman in Indianapolis, mere seconds after Kelce gave Roseman the news:

That's pretty great.

Roseman joined the Kelce brothers' podcast while they were all in Indianapolis, and it appears Kelce wanted to give Howie a heads up about his impending return so Howie could get to work planning the rest of his free agency moves.

Obviously a big part of the job is to balance numbers vs. emotion, but it's really cool to see Roseman so excited about Kelce's return. Some of that is clearly keeping one of the greatest centers in NFL history on your team for another year, but some of that reaction is also keeping a franchise legend and genuinely good guy around as well.

We'll see what Kelce costs the Eagles as they chase a Super Bowl. Whatever the number is, it'll be worth it.