WATCH: Kelce's live reaction to Brown trade was hilarious


If you ever needed any more confirmation that Jason Kelce is a true Philadelphian, his reaction to the Eagles' blockbuster Draft night trade for A.J. Brown will solidify it for you.

Kelce was live streaming with Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe on his draft night special on Thursday when the news of the Eagles' second trade of the evening popped up. Neither Lefkoe nor Kelce knew what the trade was, only that it happened.

So they learned together, live, that Brown was coming to Philly.

Please enjoy this glorious moment:


"This is big, Lefkoe. This is big. How about that one.


"Dude, Howie Roseman is working that Howie Roseman magic. That's what's going on. He's swindling. He's moving up in the draft to get Jordan Davis, and now he's moving to get an unbelievable receiver. I'm like - I'm like on Christmas right now. Howie Roseman is Santa Claus."

I love the way Kelce's instant thoughts are basically just "Howie Roseman you genius!!!" Just perfect stuff.

Kelce has to be so happy he decided to return for another go-round. Roseman is re-tooling this team on the fly and making it significantly better heading into 2022.