WATCH: South Jersey church sings the Eagles fight song


If you had any worries about Eagles fans maybe not having the same diehard mentality as they did before the team won a Super Bowl, rest assured that's not the case.

On Sunday afternoon the Eagles and 49ers will battle it out in South Philly for a spot in the Super Bowl in what many expect to be an incredible game.

But Sunday mornings are still reserved for church in many households, which makes for a busy Sunday as families across the Delaware Valley rush home from service to change out of the slacks and into the Birds jerseys.

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Apparently one church in South Jersey wasn't wasting any time Sunday and decided to combine the two into one mega-service:

Un. Be. Lievable.

Every season I wonder how Eagles fans will manage to top their previously outrageous displays of fandom, and every season they simply keep outdoing themselves. This is a peerless fanbase, never satisfied or eager to rest on their laurels. Eagles fans are consistently exceptional.

I reached out to @tallmaurice for more information on which South Jersey church this is, and will update the story if and when I hear back. But honestly, it could be any one of them - which is what makes this area so special.