We found a hidden goldmine of incredible Eagles content


Okay, hear me out - people are still heavily sleeping on TikTok. Truthfully, I've had the app for well over a year and I'm just now discovering the sports side of it.

Typically my for you page consists of cooking, cute animal moments and comedy skits, but today something changed. I was scrolling through my main feed and I stumbled upon this.

It took me a minute to even realize this was from the verified team account because it was so funny. The Eagles have entered the world of TikTok and honestly, no one should be complaining about it.

So, after a wee bit of scrolling, I noticed that there is a lot of content here that is nowhere to be found on their other social media pages like Twitter and Instagram.

It was like finding buried treasure ... and the best part is, it's all hysterical. There's mic'd up Doug Pederson, funny moments among teammates and everything in between.

Consider this post a trial run to see if it's worth downloading the app. (Heads up, it is.)

I wish there was a way to have everyone mic'd up at all times while practicing or during games.

There's never a bad time to let loose and have fun, too.  

And ... then there's whatever the heck Rick Lovato is doing:

The Eagles cheerleaders have even joined in on the fun to keep the account up to date on all the latest trends.

Of course, there's actual game and game content, but with a little twist.  


Listen, if you've been on TikTok before, then you don't know that it is an art form. Seriously, it's not easy to find success on this app ... but if you're just scroll around like me? Just sit back and enjoy.