Why Kelce wasn’t so happy with Graham’s trash talk


Brandon Graham was mic’d up during the Eagles’ 38-7 win over the Giants last Saturday and we’re all lucky.

Because it gave us this gem of a video.

Graham, 34, didn’t wait for the game to start to begin his playful trash talk aimed at Giants players Saquon Barkley, Daniel Jones and Dexter Lawrence. He did it at the coin toss.

Everyone had a good laugh except for Jason Kelce, who then had to block Lawrence, the 340-pound monster receiving some of that talk from Graham.

“Yeah, I wasn’t happy about that,” Kelce said on Thursday. “I told him right after. I said, ‘Hey man, you talk s— to the (offensive) tackle. I’ll handle this guy. I don’t need him more revved up than he already is.’”

Of course, that’s just Graham. He has the unique ability to trash talk for a full 60-minute game but somehow do it playfully without ill-intent.

Maybe the cameras and mics picked it up last Saturday night but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the 13-year veteran and the longest-tenured player on the Eagles’ roster.

“Oh that’s normal,” Graham said. “Just having fun with it. Man, I always talk to Saquon because Saquon always got something good for me. This time in particular, I don’t know why he wasn’t really saying much. But I know that it’s always fun.”

At this point, Cox is pretty used to hearing Graham talk nonstop. They have been teammates since Cox’s rookie season in 2012 and have spent a lot of time together over the last decade.


“I tell a lot of people, I feel like me and BG have been married for 11 years now,” Cox said. “Some of the things he do, it’s just second-nature. You get used to it and we talk about it a lot. I think going out for the coin toss the other day was probably a top five thing that he’s done. Talking noise to Dexter Lawrence when he ain’t gotta be the one that’s blocking him.”

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