What Eagles hope to accomplish this week before traveling to Super Bowl


Most Eagles fans probably feel like they’re in limbo right now.

The Eagles won the NFC Championship Game to advance to Super Bowl LVII but it’s not even game week yet. The Eagles won’t play the Chiefs at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, until Feb. 12.

But this week at the NovaCare Complex is valuable.

What do the Eagles hope to accomplish before they head to Phoenix early next week?

“Without giving too much out there, you're working on getting a big chunk of your game plan done and practicing like a normal week, knowing that the schedule when you get out there next week is a little bit different,” head coach Nick Sirianni said on Tuesday afternoon.

“So, you're going to try to keep everything as similar as possible. We're going to keep these next two weeks as normal as we possibly can for our guys and our schedule.”

It’s important that the Eagles are trying to get most of their game plan set while they’re still in Philly. Because next week becomes a bit of a circus with media responsibilities, practicing away from home and dealing with all the hoopla that could become a distraction for any team that lets it.

And unlike the bye week the Eagles earned as the No. 1 seed to start the playoffs, this time the Eagles know their next opponent. So instead of self-scouting like they did in early January, the Eagles are using this week to get ready for the Chiefs.


Sirianni let his players and coaches celebrate their conference championship but they’ll resume a relatively normal schedule this week but just pushed a day back. Thursday’s schedule will be like a normal Wednesday, and so on.

The Eagles will have a walkthrough on Thursday, followed by regular practices on Friday and Saturday before they fly to Phoenix.

As much as Sirianni wants to keep everything the same for his team as it enters Super Bowl prep, he knows there are some unavoidable changes coming their way. You don’t normally stay in a hotel for an entire week for a road game, you don’t normally practice away from your facility and you certainly don’t attend a media night where celebrities ask you crazy questions.

But Sirianni’s goal is to keep things as normal as possible. This week at the NovaCare Complex will look like any other week, aside from a few extra national reports.

Sirianni said he’s talked to some of the folks who were with the Eagles during the last Super Bowl run to help organize the schedule and passing game coordinator Kevin Patullo has reached out to other coaches who have been through it before.

Sirianni is pleased with their plan.

“We feel good about our schedule, about what we're doing this week, about what we're going to do next week and everything like that,” he said. “You just go through the process like you do with everything else and try to leave no stone unturned when you're thinking about what's the best schedule for you as your team.

“And the year is different, right? The year is different. We obviously have the schedule that the team used in 2018, but there are obviously going to be some adjustments and differences because the way we practice is different. There are just some different things. But just trying to not leave any stone unturned and do what's best for us as a team.”

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