No one wants to win the NFC East


While Jalen Hurts dazzled in the desert against the Cardinals, there was plenty of football action across the league in Week 15. Between the dreaded NFC East, the rise of Josh Allen and an oh-so-familiar final score, we can learn a bit more about this Eagles team. Here are my takeaways from this weekend's games:

1. The NFC East has been up for grabs all season, but no one wants to take it, just like those leftover Carson Wentz bobbleheads at your local Kohl's that have been on sale for two years. The Eagles, Washington and the Giants all lost yesterday, guaranteeing that the winner of this year's division title won't have a winning record.

Washington's defense is scary, but with Dwayne Haskins filling in for the injured Alex Smith, their offense feels too lifeless to take the stranglehold on the division that they probably should've had already. New York has a talented core of skill players, but the back-and-forth game between Daniel Jones and Colt McCoy under center is limiting. Injuries have completely decimated the Eagles' roster, despite hanging relatively tough with the help of Hurts.

If Hurts becomes the Eagles' starting signal-caller sooner, maybe this isn't as wide open of a race that it is, but for now, we're getting treated to the most anemic divisional race in NFL history.

This can only end with the football world being "treated" to the de facto NFC East Championship Game between the Eagles and Washington in Week 17 getting flexed to Sunday Night Football, right?


2. I love Josh Allen. Bills fans adore Josh Allen. I can't blame them. Allen has thrown for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns while rushing for eight more in 2020, leading Buffalo to win their division for the first time since 1995.

I find Allen to be one of the most electric players to watch in the league and always respect the wild antics of Bills fans, as they feel like a distant relative of Philadelphians, but Allen's breakout campaign is a reminder of the perils of anointing quarterbacks as franchise savers too soon.

Wentz's 2017 was not dissimilar from the season Allen is having. Wentz was 11-2 in 13 starts. Allen is 10-3 in his 13 starts. Wentz had thrown three more touchdowns than Allen at this point, but had thrown for a little over 700 fewer yards. They both lit a fire under rabid fan bases desperate for a stud at the quarterback position.

The career arc of Wentz may go down as one of the most unique we've seen in the NFL, but it illustrates that regression can come at a moment's notice after a season in which every single little thing seems to go perfectly. Few Eagles fans have jumped on the Hurts bandwagon as swiftly and forcefully as me, but it's a reminder to breathe a little when it comes to the hype surrounding him as being The Guy in Philly.

My older cousins saw Bobby Hoying. I saw Kevin Kolb. I believe Hurts can be an above-average starting QB in this league, but let's emotionally hedge a little, shall we?

3. It's Dallas Week. It's my favorite time of the year, as I've written previously. The Cowboys wore the lone NFC East to win a game yesterday, beating the 49ers 41-33. Yes, you read that right. 41-33. Does that ring a bell? It's only the most famous score in Philadelphia history.

So what does that mean for the Birds as they get ready to take on the Cowboys down at Jerry World? I'm taking it as a positive sign that the Eagles are going to pull out a holiday W.