Where Wentz ranks in NFL's 9 biggest 2020 disappointments


The 2020 NFL regular season has been nothing if not unpredictable, full of twists and turns - pandemic-influenced and otherwise.

As we head into Week 15, it's late enough in the season to start evaluating bodies of work and handing out awards.

Even the awards no one wants to win.

On Wednesday morning's episode of ProFootballTalk, Peter King, Mike Florio, and Chris Simms put their heads together and drafted the nine biggest disappointments of the 2020 regular season. You can probably guess where this is going, but here's how their three-round draft shook out.

First round:

  1. Cam Newton (King)
  2. Joe Burrow getting hurt (Simms)
  3. Carson Wentz (Florio)

Yes, Wentz's embarrassingly bad, possibly franchise-altering 2020 landed in the first round, but at least it wasn't the first overall pick. Here's what Florio had to say about taking Wentz in the first round of this ignominious draft:

"For me it's Carson Wentz, without question. We've yet to see a quarterback who was drafted so high, played well enough to be in the MVP conversation early in his career, get a huge second contract, and then have it all fall apart. It's just a year after they were 5-7, they had nothing around Carson Wentz, and he led them to the playoffs. It's confounding, it's inexplicable, and it's disappointing. It is, for me, the biggest disappointment of the year."

It's hard to argue. Watching Wentz collapse from Top 10 QB into one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL has been astounding and, for Eagles fans, infuriating. A season that should've been a cakewalk to the postseason is instead a big disappointment on all fronts.


Here's how the rest of the draft shook out.

Second round:

  1. Houston Texans (King) 
  2. Dallas Cowboys (Simms)
  3. Tom Brady & Antonio Brown (Florio)

Third round:

  1. Atlanta Falcons (King)
  2. San Francisco 49ers (Simms)
  3. Los Angeles Chargers' coaching staff (Florio)

Those all feel about right.

If I had to make three picks of my own, excluding the nine chosen by the PFT crew, I'd go:

  1. Alshon Jeffery wasting snaps
  2. Jason Peters wasting snaps
  3. Jake Elliott

Happy holidays, Eagles fans. Sorry this football team is the way it is.

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