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Who gets fired first? Roseman, Wentz or Pederson?

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The head coach cost his team a chance to win Sunday with an inexplicable decision in the closing seconds of a game the Eagles had to win.

The quarterback has been plagued by unthinkable decision-making, wildly inaccurate passes and a historic number of turnovers.

The general manager has made a series of baffling decisions that have left the roster sorely lacking in young talent.

The Eagles are winless after three weeks, and their next three games are against the 49ers, Steelers and Ravens, three teams with a combined one loss. Look farther down the schedule and you see Dallas twice, an improved Browns team and the Seahawks, Packers, Saints and Cards in a 21-day span.

They’re 0-2-1 and when you can’t beat Washington or the Bengals, you have to wonder where exactly the wins are going to come. 

And if this thing continues spiraling out of control, there will be changes. Major changes. 

Because that Super Bowl was three long years ago, and this team is going 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction.

Who’s in jeopardy of losing their job?

Let’s take a look:


I do think Doug Pederson’s in trouble. Lombardi Trophy or not. That was three years ago, and since then the Eagles are 18-16-1 with one playoff win, and it’s impossible to ignore how this team is trending. 

Pederson has had two unshakeable strengths since he became head coach here in 2016. One is his flair for play calling and keeping defenses off balance and the other is his ability to get his players to bounce back in the face of adversity. So far this year, he seems to have lost both those skills.


It was impossible to watch the end of that game Sunday — punting from inside the 50 in a tie game with 19 seconds left — and not think that this is the kind of thing that gets coaches fired. 

Jeff Lurie knows he waited a year too long to make a change with Andy Reid. Big Red reached the NFC Championship Game in 2008, made the playoffs in 2009 and 2010, then opened 4-8 before finishing 8-8 in 2011. That’s when he should have been gone. But Lurie waited a year too long and the Eagles fell apart in 2012, going 4-12. 

The timing is similar now. Lurie gave Reid four years after 2008, and this is Pederson's third year after 2017. Now, the difference is Pederson won a Super Bowl here and Reid didn’t. But I don't think Lurie is going to make the same mistake again. If he feels like Pederson has lost the team, he won't hesitate to make a change.

If the Eagles win four or five games this year? I don’t think Pederson survives.


Carson Wentz isn’t going to get fired, not with that contract. But he sure is in jeopardy of getting benched. 

I don’t think Pederson would pull the plug on Wentz before the bye week, but if he keeps making the same mistakes week after week, game after game, and the losses (and ties) keep piling up? 

I don’t care how much money you make and how high you were drafted. If you’re hurting your team’s chances of winning, you’re going to sit.

The Eagles have five games before the bye: 49ers, Steelers, Ravens, Giants and Cowboys.

Wentz has enough of a body of work that he’s earned a chance to work his way out of this. There were a few times Sunday that it looked like Wentz had found something, only to make another unthinkable mistake. A terrible misfire, a poor read, a careless turnover. 

Is Jalen Hurts ready? Who knows? The rookie second-round pick obviously is doing something right to earn a promotion from No. 3 to No. 2. And if you’re sitting there at 2-5-1 at the bye and Wentz is still making the same mistakes and missing the same throws and turning the ball over at the same alarming rate, you owe it to your team and your owner and your fans to try something else. 

It doesn't mean you can't ever go back to Wentz. It doesn't mean his career is over. But it does mean that the best thing for Wentz and the team at that moment is to get someone else in there and let him watch from the sideline. 

I’m not there yet. I can't imagine Pederson is there yet. But it’s out there. Wentz’s start is historically bad. If things don't get better by November? You have to try something else.



Howie Roseman is as close to GM for Life as you can have. Lurie has been steadfast in his praise for Roseman in both his tenures here as GM — before Chip Kelly and after Chip Kelly. But even Lurie has to see the pattern.

Every time you see D.K. Metcalf and Terry McLaurin making plays while J.J. Arcega-Whiteside rides the bench, you’re reminded of it. Every time you see an Eagles corner struggle while premium draft picks Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas play for other teams, you’re reminded of it. Every time you watch another Eagles linebacker blow a coverage or miss a tackle while L.J. Fort or Kamu Grugier-Hill make plays elsewhere, you’re reminded of it. Every time the Eagles overpay for a free agent to mask their draft misses, you’re reminded of it.

Roseman’s work to build that 2017 team was nothing less than magical. Every move was a slam dunk. But his track record is poor since then, and his misses have as much to do with the Eagles’ decline as Pederson's coaching or Wentz's playing.

Heck, even when the Eagles draft a good player — Jalen Reagor looks like he’s a keeper — a guy they bypassed, in this case Justin Jefferson, goes off for 175 yards in his third career game.

The injuries aren’t Roseman's fault. But the lack of young talent is. Reagor and Miles Sanders are bright spots, but there just aren’t enough of them.

I can’t imagine Lurie ever firing Roseman. But I wouldn’t be shocked if the Eagles restructure the front office this offseason and place Roseman in charge of contracts and salary cap — where he’s as good as anybody — and hire a pure GM to oversee personnel.