Why Slay was defending himself on Twitter after loss


Eagles cornerback Darius Slay had a lukewarm first game with his new team - he kept Terry McLaurin to 61 yards and no touchdowns on seven targets, but the Eagles' defense allowed 27 unanswered points in a loss.

And after the deflating defeat, Slay - a prolific Twitter user - sent a surprisingly defensive tweet that had Eagles fans scratching their heads:

Wait, was there some sort of Eagles locker room blowup after the loss that we missed?

No, Slay's tweet was about a comment from former NFL linebacker and new NFL color commentator Jonathan Vilma, who was calling the Bears-Lions game on Sunday afternoon while the Eagles were playing.

The Lions' decision to trade Slay came up during the course of Sunday's game, and Vilma offered this line about the trade:

"It was a culture change. They needed a culture change, to get good guys, good character guys in here, into the lineup."


It seems like Slay read in between the lines with Vilma's comments and took them to mean that Slay wasn't a "good character guy". If that's the case, it's hard to blame Slay for defending himself against that kind of criticism.

Slay spent seven years in Detroit before the trade.

Since joining the Eagles, Slay has seemed like a solid and positive influence in the Birds' locker room.