This is why the Eagles didn’t trade Nick Foles. 

This exact scenario. 

Because a few months ago, it had to look enticing. Foles was coming off winning the Super Bowl MVP and his value was at an all-time high. Not to mention, if all went to plan, he was going to start the season on the bench. 

But the Eagles didn’t trade Foles. Instead, they actually gave him a raise. 

And although Howie Roseman on Saturday wouldn’t admit Carson Wentz’s status had anything to do with not trading Foles, that seems hard to believe. Roseman said it was more about putting a ton of stock into the QB position, which is probably partly true too. But the Eagles simply couldn’t afford to go into the 2018 season without Wentz or Foles. 

But they didn’t trade Foles, so they won’t have to. 

Foles is going to start Week 1 as Wentz continues to rehab from a torn ACL and LCL, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. And because Roseman avoided the temptation to flip Foles, the Eagles are uniquely positioned — perhaps more than any other team in the league — to get by without an MVP candidate for the first week or two. 

You might remember what Roseman said about Foles back at the owners meetings in the spring: 

He’s still on the team because he’s an incredibly valuable member of the Philadelphia Eagles. When you talk about that position and what’s gone on, you’ve see it in the free agent market, you’ve seen it in the trade market. We’re in the business of making sure we get the right value for the player. What our value is for a player is going to stick. We make those decisions before we get into the time period where you can make moves, not just on Nick but on other players on our team. We feel very confident about what his value is to our football team and really to the rest of the league. There’s obviously interest in Nick Foles because Nick Foles has been tremendously effective in a Philadelphia Eagles uniform.


Yup. He was right. 

To me, it always seemed unlikely the Eagles would trade Foles before they were 100 percent sure Wentz would be ready for the opener. That patient approach has now set up the Eagles to cash in on their insurance policy instead of being left dead in the water days before the opener. 

Of course, having Foles doesn’t make up for not having Wentz, who should have won the league MVP award last year. Wentz is just a special player and there’s a reason the Eagles never wavered from the position that he’s their franchise QB, even as Foles was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. 

We’re still not sure if Wentz wasn’t cleared and that’s the reason he’s not playing or if he was cleared and the Eagles are using extreme caution. If it’s the first reason … of course he shouldn’t play. If it’s the second … I wouldn’t really understand. If Wentz is cleared by the docs, I think he should be playing. 

Either way, without Wentz in the lineup, the Eagles’ decision to hold on to Foles this offseason proved to be a wise one. 

They knew his value and, because of that, they might be able to get by without their franchise QB for a little while. 

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