Why former Eagles wide receiver Mack Hollins doesn't wear shoes

Mack Hollins

Former Eagles player Mack Hollins has a special way of training that many people may find gross.

The 29-year-old WR likes to roam around barefoot to keep up with flexibility and dexterity. 

"I think I've been shoeless... for four or five years," Hollins said. "Sometimes I get kicked out of places where I have to put shoes on.

The life change came when Hollins met a group of men in Australia that were part of  Melbourne Muscular Therapy -- a group that specializes in "holistic grounding exercises."

"It has been great for me.," Hollins said. "I think it's fun because everyone should be barefoot. You don't see people walking around in mittens."

Hollins, who currently plays for the Raiders, has been in the NFL since 2017. He was part of the 2017 Eagles team that won Super Bowl LII. He also spent two years with the Dolphins (2019-2021)

"It's so funny that people look at me like that because shoes are definitely dirtier than feet," Hollins laughed. "Because I wash my feet all the time. When's the last time you washed the bottom of your shoe?"