Why Blount enjoyed Eagles Super Bowl more than Pats titles


LeGarrette Blount spent just one season with the Eagles across his 10-year NFL career, but he sure made it count, spearheading a running back committee that helped the Birds win their first ever Super Bowl.

It was Philly's first ring, but it was actually Blount's third. He'd previously won two Super Bowls with the Patriots, one in the 2014 season and one in the 2016 season. 

Winning three rings in 10 years is a pretty incredible win percentage; it's like Blount was a magic ingredient for teams.

On Tuesday, the now-retired Blount appeared on Good Morning Football to talk about his post-NFL life, and to rehash his playing days, including those three Super Bowl wins. The hosts asked Blount which of the three titles was his favorite.

Eagles fans, you're going to like his answer:

"I would say the Eagles, man. Because originally I had just won a Super Bowl with a team that I felt had a lot of love for me, and unfortunately it didn't work out on the contractual part, so when I went to Philly I - I've always had a chip on my shoulder my entire career, but I went over to Philly and I played against [the Patriots], I had a good game, I scored a touchdown, and I'm telling [Patriots] dudes, 'Hey man, let me get 100 yards!' So that was by far - well not by far, but it was definitely my favorite. It was bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter because it was New England. It was a really, really, really fun Super Bowl. I enjoyed every moment of that season."


I love that Blount said he enjoyed every moment of that season. The whole city did. 

I love that he felt he was playing with an added chip on his shoulder that year. How very Philadelphia of him.

And I love that a driving motivator for Blount that season was to show the Patriots they'd made a mistake, and to get revenge. There are few things more uniting in Philly than our shared hatred of the Pats.

Blount had a great season in Philly in 2017, rushing for 776 yards and two touchdowns, and added 130 yards and three touchdowns in the playoffs en route to that glorious Super Bowl LII win (41-33).

It was just one year, but Blount is forever a Philly hero.