Worried about the Eagles' O-line? Look who's next ...


Sunday against Washington, the Eagles' offensive line had more holes than a wheel of swiss cheese. The Birds gave up eight sacks, which even Winston Justice thinks is a lot

This weekend, the Eagles play their home opener and welcome the 1-0 Rams to South Philly. The Linc is known as a tough place to play in NFL circles with a lot of that consternation centering around the dedicated, passionate Eagles fans. 

Of course, no one is allowed to attend the game in person because of the coronavirus restrictions, and that might be for the best considering what the Eagles' motley crew of an offensive line is up against.

Aaron. Donald. The hulking defensive tackle sliced through the Cowboys' perennially stout offensive line like a fork through fresh flapjacks. Donald finished with a sack and led both teams with four hits on the quarterback in the Rams' 20-17 win over Dallas.

No, the Rams don’t have four first-round picks along the defensive line like Washington, but between the Birds' porous O-line and Carson Wentz holding the ball too long instead of throwing it away, Donald and the Rams will have copious opportunities to force turnovers and make plays.

The Eagles are currently 2.5-point favorites against Los Angeles. Based on their second-half swoon in D.C., that might be 2.5 points too many.