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You won't believe how much the Eagles are worth

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The Eagles are now worth nearly $3 1/2 billion and are the 9th-most valuable franchise in the NFL, according to research by Sportico.

Sportico places the Eagles' value at $3.35 billion, based on an examination of public records, extensive background interviews with numerous team and league financial executives, and confirmations from team executives, including the Eagles.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie bought the franchise from Norman Braman in 1994 for $185 million.

The team’s value has increased by an average of about 11.8 percent annually over the last 26 years.

As recently as 2014, the Eagles were valued at $1.75 billion, so the franchise’s value has nearly doubled in just six years.

The Eagles are actually last in value in the NFC East, which has all four teams in the top eight.

The Cowboys are worth $6.43 billion and are the most valuable team in the NFL for the 14th consecutive year. The Giants are No. 4 ($4 billion) and Washington is No. 7 ($3.37 billion).

Also in the top 10 are the Patriots [2nd at $4.97 billion], Rams [3rd at $4.1 billion], Jets [5th at $3.7 billion], 49ers [6th at $3.63 billion], Bears [8th at $3.41 billion] and Texans [10th at $3.34 billion].

The least-valuable franchises in the NFL according to Sportica are the Titans [$2.23 billion], Cards [$2.2 billion], Bills [$2.15 billion], Lions [$2.14 billion] and Bengals [$2.12 billion].