Young Eagles fan sends the nicest message to Dak Prescott after his injury


Nobody does it better than Giovanni Hamilton. 

If you're on Eagles Twitter, you might know him for his videos about his most favorite team, fun facts about the players and creating content that brings a smile to anyone who is willing to watch. 

That was no different Sunday night following Dak Prescott's injury against the Giants. 

When an injury to that degree (or any degree, really) occurs, all rivalries disappear. In that moment, it doesn't matter who you root for or against. What matters is wishing that player well and hoping they have a safe and speedy recovery. 

Gio took to his Twitter account immediately and shared one of the kindest videos directed to the Cowboys quarterback, who was heading into to surgery at the time. 

"I heard you're going into surgery," he said in the video. "I wish you luck and I hope you get that comeback story you deserve."

Everyone needs to take a page out of Gio's book.

Spread a little kindness.