Each week during the season, I go through the Eagles’ media guide to find one interesting fact about a player and ask them about it. 

This week, I chatted with linebacker Zach Brown, who is apparently an artist. 

DZ: It says that you are surprisingly good at painting. 

ZB: Ahh, yeah, I am. 

DZ: What kind of painting are we talking about?

ZB: I do a little bit of water painting, maybe a little, like, abstract art. 

DZ: How long have you been doing that? 

ZB: I always liked to draw and stuff, but I didn’t pick up painting until the year I got hurt, my third year.

Note: Brown played just one game in 2014 for the Titans before going on IR after tearing his pec.  

DZ: Oh, just free time? 

ZB: Yeah, free time. I was like, ‘let me see if I can learn how to do it.’ It was kind of hard. The water paint is real hard to try to get it to drop they way you want it. But you just go with it, finish it and see how it looks at the end. 

DZ: What kind of things do you paint? 

ZB: Just like landscapes, cartoon characters, whatever comes to mind. 

DZ: Got any stuff hanging on your wall? 


ZB: Nah, it’s in my basement in my house in Virginia. We got a little room for it. Nobody ever goes in it. They’re like, ‘what’s this door?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’ 

DZ: Were you artistic as a kid? 

ZB: Yeah, yeah, I was. I always knew how to draw. I always knew how to draw. It was one thing I always loved to do. 

DZ: It’s funny. It’s like one of those stereotypes about football players is that you wouldn’t be artsy. 

ZB: (Laughing) Yeah, yeah. Believe it or not, a lot of us are good at math. A lot of us can draw, good at music. A lot of us got a talent. 

DZ: Nate (Gerry), did you know that? That Zach can paint? 

ZB: No, he didn’t. 

NG: No. I am supposed to know Zach? 

ZB: I used to always draw when I was younger. With the Redskins last year and I knew I wasn’t playing, I was drawing all the time. I was doing 3D logos and stuff. 

NG: Ohh, you can draw and paint? 

Kamu Grugier-Hill: You can draw!? 

ZB: I can make 3D logos and do all kinds of stuff. I like it. 

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