Mark Eckel today brings news of a front-office shakeup for the Eagles:

Jason Licht, once thought of as a
poten tial general manager candidate for the Eagles, has
been fired by the team, The Times has learned.

Licht, the team's former Vice President of Player
Personnel, was told the week before the draft "to
start looking for another job" by head coach Andy
Reid, according to a source close to Licht.

"He was floored by that," the source said.

He was fired shortly after last month's draft.

The Eagles had no comment on the situation, but did not
deny that Licht had been fired. According to another
source, the team wanted Licht to find another job before
it announced that he had left.

Kind of surprising how long they were able to keep that under wraps.
Eckel later states that the firing could be due to a falling out
between Licht and several members of the organization, including Tom
Heckert, who had hand-picked him for the position. If the stated reason
for the secrecy is true, and we have no reason to believe it isn't,
it's commendable that they were allowing him to find another gig before
the news became public.

>>Eagles quiet on firing of VP Licht [Mark Eckel]