2020 NHL draft: 1st-round selection tracker


The first round of the 2020 NHL draft has officially concluded. 

Before rounds 2-7 begin Wednesday 11:30 a.m. ET, let’s take a look back at the first 31 picks. 

First overall pick: Rangers 

Alexis Lafrenière - a left wing out of the CHL. This comes as no surprise, as he has been considered the consensus top pick for the 2020 draft for a significant amount of time. 

Second pick: Kings 

Quinton Byfield - he has been labeled as one of the strongest and fastest in this year's draft class. Byfield being selected second overall officially makes him the highest drafted Black player in NHL history. 

Third pick: Ottawa Senators 

Tim Stutzle - with a pick that originally belonged to the Sharks, the Senators selected this center/left wing that has the potential to make an instant impact with his new team.

Fourth pick: Red Wings 

Lucas Raymond - a left wing and the first player of the draft selected out of Sweden. Raymond has been pegged as a player that while physically immature, has the upside to be an explosive addition to the offense. 

Fifth pick: Senators 

Jake Sanderson - the first defenseman selected in the draft. Speed is one of many key points to his game and brings a high level of competition to any matchup. 

Sixth pick: Ducks

Jamie Drysdale - a team that needs to build their defense did just that. While his shot isn't too strong, his passing abilities make up for it. 

Seventh pick: Devils 

Alexander Holtz - one of the few best pure shooters in the draft and is right there with being NHL ready and making an instant impact with his team. 


 Eighth pick: Sabres 

Jack Quinn - the right wing had quite the successful season in the OHL, posting 52 goals in 89 points in just 62 games. While he has a quick shot, he is one of the most well-rounded players in this class. 

Ninth pick: Wild 

Marco Rossi - even though he is 5-foot 9-inches, he is in no means a small players. His attention to detail, awareness and hockey sense are off the charts. And while his birthday was just a few days late for him to qualify for the 2019 draft, going in the top-10 one year later isn't a bad gig. 

10th pick: Jets 

Cole Perfetti - while he may need to work on his skating, his overall hockey sense and instincts allow him to create opportunities. 

11th pick: Predators 

Yaroslav Askarov - to not have played an NHL game and already hear analysts comparing him to Carey Price says all that you need to know about this young goaltender. 

12th pick: Panthers 

Anton Lundell - this center is one of the more sound players defensively and plays a strong 200-foot game. Is wise beyond his years when it comes to his work ethic. 

13th pick: Hurricanes 

Seth Jarvis - the highest ranked WHL player, according to NHL Central Scouting. He is slick and his strength is always when he has the puck on his tape. 

14th pick: Oilers 

Dylan Holloway - a player who is able to apply pressure constantly, no matter where he is on the ice. A player who fits the Oilers current system well. 

15th pick: Maple Leafs 

Rodion Amirov - a left winger currently playing in the KHL, he has the ability to work in tight spaces around the net. 

16th pick: Canadiens 

Kaiden Guhle - the third defenseman taken in the 2020 draft. He is a big defender, but that doesn't hinder his skating ability. He is often noted for his two-way play. 

17th pick: Blackhawks 

Lukas Reichel - a very strong playmaking left-winger from Germany. 

18th pick: Devils 

Dawson Mercer - an honest hockey player that while he may not have a huge offensive upside, he gets the job done. Would be a strong addition as a forward in the middle of the roster. 

*Flames trade their 19th pick to Rangers for selections 22 and 72 in the 2020 draft.*

19th pick: Rangers 

Braden Schneider - a defender from the Wheat Kings, Schneider is a player that has steadily inclined production-wise over the past three seasons. 

20th pick: Devils 

Shakir Mukhamadullin - a very physical defenseman with a strong shot. 

21st pick: Blue Jackets 

Yegor Chinakhov - quick on his skates and decision making which helps him create an ample amount of open ice. 

*Flames trade 22nd pick to Capitals for picks 24 and 80 in the 2020 draft.*

22nd pick: Capitals 

Hendrix Lapierre - probably the top high-risk high-reward player in the 2020 draft class. While he's had his fair share of injuries, when he is healthy, he's an offensive force as a playmaker. 


23rd pick: Flyers 

Tyson Foerster - it's been a while since the Flyers decided to draft a straight shooter in the first round of the draft. It is a hole the Flyers have had in the organization for some time, but that changes tonight. 

24th pick: Flames 

Connor Zary - this center out of the WHL has been called a Swiss army knife when it comes to his versatile game. 

25th pick: Avalanche 

Justin Barron - a defender out of Halifax, the biggest question mark in Barron's game had been his medical history. He's a big player that can skate well and can provide offensive contribution from time to time. 

26th pick: Blues 

Jake Neighbours - A winger from the WHL, Neighbours is a very fast player with a wicked forecheck. His offensive abilities make him a threat in every zone on the ice. 

27th pick: Ducks 

Jacob Perreault - a fast skater with a strong offensive presence. He is a right winger that still has room to grow, but the foundation of his game is solid enough to be excited for his future. 

28th pick: Senators 

Ridly Greig - an aggressive center that makes it difficult for any opponent to play against. He has consistently grown in the past few seasons and it doesn't look like that's slowing down anytime soon. 

29th: Golden Knights 

Brandan Brisson - a player who found a way to stand out in the USHL - an extremely talented league. Heading into this draft, he was the second highest ranked American in this class. 

 30th pick: Stars 

Mavrik Bourque - not a flashy player by any means, but is able to get the job done. He understands how to make his linemates better and creates plays out of nothing with ease. 

31st pick: Sharks 

Ozzy Wiesblatt - a smart, high-energy player and can create chaos on both ends of the ice. He is able to read the play well and can anticipate it multiple steps ahead.