A pizza this

Pizza shops have friendly wager on Flyers-Islanders series

A pizza this

Flyers Fever has everyone rocking their orange and black and quietly buzzing about as if a socially distanced march down Broad Street could be in the cards. The pride emanating from Flyers nation is justified as the squad is into the second round for the first time in eight years, the goalie is showing Hart fans have begged for and they’re doing it all with a friendly pat on the head

A matchup with our northern neighbors from New York has escalated the intensity as Monday’s series opener against the Islanders pulls into view. DraftKings has the Flyers and Islanders with the fifth-best and sixth-best odds, respectively, to win the Stanley Cup. This series could be a coin toss.

Undaunted, Kevin Hayes’ favorite pizza place, Angelo’s Pizzeria, has decided to put its pride on the line against Baci Trattoria & Pizzeria in Montrose, New York. The two mouthwatering pizza places have made a wager on the series where the loser has to work the entire day in the opposing team’s gear and post a nice photo to social media all decked out.

(Photo from baci_trattoria on Instagram) 

Angelo’s owner Danny DiGiampietro is a huge Flyers fan and often posts videos of himself on his Instagram story playing as the Orange and Black in NHL20.


I wonder if there’s a way where the loser has to send customers of the winning pizza shop some free food. I’ll work on those details and get back to you. No reason we can’t benefit too.