Angelo’s Pizzeria owner pays up on Flyers-Islanders bet


The Flyers' humbling Game 7 loss to the Islanders put fans in the doldrums and this week it was time for Howie Roseman's and Kevin Hayes' favorite pizza shop to do the unthinkable. Danny DiGiampietro, the owner of Angelo’s Pizzeria, is not only the maker of delicious pies and sandwiches — he’s also a man of his word. 

On Wednesday, the 4 for 4 owner worked an entire day in his South Philly business wearing an Islanders hat, face mask and jersey after losing a friendly wager to both a North Jersey and Long Island pizzeria.

The photo to document the loss and pay off the bet didn’t last long on his Instagram page after quickly getting over 500 likes Wednesday morning. Seriously, how long would any self-respecting Flyers fan be able to deal with that on their homepage? 

Angelo's Pizzeria Instagram

DiGiampietro will also have to soon work an entire day in Long Island at King Umberto restaurant decked out in Islanders gear. A sad state of affairs.

Although, there is an incredible silver lining for the Angelo's owner. I’m not sure if he was all the way serious, but the original bet with the Long Island pizza shop included the loser getting a tattoo of the winning team on their butt!

Thankfully, the winning side turned down that part of the bet or else it would have truly been a bitter end for the Flyers' die-hard fan.