Did you catch this hysterical moment from Konecny in overtime?


Is everyone's heart rate back to normal yet?

No? That's fine, mine isn't either.

The Flyers fought through two overtimes and officially forced a Game 7 in their series against the Islanders. You would think the win was the best part of the night, but actually it comes in at third.

Here is the official ranking of best things to happen Thursday night:

1. Oskar Lindblom returning to play

2. Travis Konecny's perfect meme moment

3. The Flyers forcing Game 7

Didn't catch the Konecny meme just mentioned? Well, you're about to learn about it and I promise you, it is one of the best things ever.

No. 11 is often known for his chirping and being an absolute pest to play against, but this is definitely a moment Flyers fans won't forget after tonight.

If you know overtime hockey, you know how intense it is. So, Konecny decided to provide some comedic relief (unintentionally) at the best possible time.

Let's just be thankful for the win ... otherwise this wouldn't be nearly as hysterical.

Never change, Konecny.