Entire NHL is cheering on Lindblom in his return via social media


The NHL playoffs are the best time in sports and the Flyers are in the midst of Game 6 against the Islanders.

Typically on a night like this, that would be the tabloid of the evening — considering this is an elimination game, but it is not.

Sometimes, things are bigger than hockey and this is the perfect example.

265 days after being diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, the news was announced that Oskar Lindblom would officially be in the lineup. This is a story that surpasses any outcome of a game and the reality of this situation should leave everyone feeling inspired.

Flyers fans couldn't believe the news when it first hit social media. From tears, to joy and simply pure excitement, this is a night to be remembered.

So for a moment, no matter who you root for, enjoy the entire league coming together to wish Lindblom well.

We have been and forever will be Oskar stong.