ESPN forgets the Flyers exist


The ESPN hockey jokes write themselves. Yes, the network doesn't pay much attention to hockey since it doesn't broadcast the sport itself, but it can at least realize that there are 31 teams in the NHL, right?

Well, when detailing a proposed division realignment for a shortened 2021 NHL season, ESPN put up the following graphic:

Hmm. There's something missing there ...

Oh, yeah. The Philadelphia Flyers.

Sure, Philadelphians can internalize this as yet again another attack on us from the national media, but it's obviously a small production error. Been there.

The Flyers will likely be a part of the "East" divisional changes. With the Penguins in the Central division, at least we can finally agree that Pittsburgh is a Midwestern city.

It looks like we could be progressing to a Jan. 13 start for the NHL. Maybe then the Flyers can prove to the rest of the country that they exist.

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