Gritty has remained a constant form of entertainment all throughout the week, thanks to his new show, “Gritty’s Quarter Hour of Power!” 

The show is just like the name — every day this week, Gritty has hopped on Instagram Live to fulfill tasks and play games with the team’s in-arena host Andrea Helfrich and even a guest star or two. 

Since the streams are only available for 24 hours following the initial air date, I figured it would make sense to break everything down if you had missed any days. 

Let’s just say, this has certainly been one of the top highlights of the week. 

Let’s dive on in! 

Monday — the great game of Jenga

Gritty started off the week on a high note, playing a jumbo size game of Jenga by himself. Throughout the game, fans were getting shoutouts, squeaks from the favorite mascot and some quality entertainment. 

Even Scott Hartnell joined in on the fun and small talk with the mascot. Luckily, you can catch up on Day 1 right here


Tuesday — lunchtime 

It seems like everyone is cooking with all of the free time on their hands — even Bernie Parent is enjoying time in the kitchen making macaroni from scratch. 

Gritty on the other paw, decided to make a lunch classic — peanut butter and jelly. We learned a few things about Gritty in this video: 

-He is a grape jelly mascot
-He prefers the bread to be toasted
-The crust HAS to be cut off
-Grapes are the secret ingredient to his sandwich 

And boy was the concentration real in this video. I thought that one time Gritty had an axe was scary but after evaluating his pristine surgical skills on those grapes, I somehow feel more content. 

Wednesday — Pictionary

Next on the agenda was another classic game, good old charades. Gritty was acting everything out, while Helfrich and the fans that tuned in to watch, joined in on guessing what was on the cards. 

Gritty’s roommate, Kevin Hayes entered the chat — saying hi to his friend and taking a crack at a few guesses as well. 

This sparked the wonderful idea for Thursday’s episode. 

Thursday — The first guest star

For the first time of the week, Gritty had a new co-host — Hayes. Since this was Hayes’ first time on the show, his pal made sure he was well-prepared with what to say. Gritty held up cue cards so the former ref could welcome the fans to the show for the day. 

Funny enough, throughout this round of charades, Derek Grant and Carsen Twarynski joined in guessing in the comments — and a few troll comments here and there. 

We also found out that Hayes is a big fan of karaoke — but who’s surprised there? Maybe soon we’ll get another guest appearance with a karaoke session featuring Gritty playing the paws (get it? Since his paws squeak and he can’t talk? I think you get it). 

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The Best One yet featuring @kphayes12.

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Friday — Yoga (or a seance?) 

Now Friday … Friday was an odd one — mainly due to the fact Gritty spent the opening minutes with calm music playing in the complete dark. 

Eventually, we were able to see the mascot, thanks him lighting up a line of very small candles in front of him. Yes, in one week we have seen Gritty with a knife and fire. 

Luckily, since he didn’t go up in flames, we were able to witness a yoga session. According to Helfrich, Gritty does yoga all of the time so we were technically watching a pro … even though before the additional light of the lantern it looked like something straight out of a horror film. 

This entertaining daytime show will be back next week with new ideas and guests. One of the comments suggested Gritty painting Bob Ross style and now it just has to happen. My fingers are crossed.

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